Watford Swimming Club is a competitive club where all swimmers are expected to race at open meets, leagues (when selected) and club champs. Watford aims to unlock every child's full potential with many swimmers reaching county, regional and national standards.



Our coaching team decide what open meets the club enters each season. CLICK HERE to visit the club calendar to find out what's happening this season.



Club Championships is a yearly internal competition held in September. Every swimmer in the club competes in this competition and is also the only time of year where swimmers are able to race the opposite sex (although medals and points are separated into male and female age categories). This is a really fun event where the atmosphere is electric!  CLICK HERE to find out more.



Watford Swimming Club enters a variety of open swimming competitions throughout the year which all swimmers will should be entering. CLICK HERE to find our helpful FAQ and 'How it works' guide.



Watford Swimming Club aims to unlock every swimmer's maximum potential. With hard work and dedication many swimmers will reach county, regional and national level. International competitions such as European juniors are also in the grasp of a few of our current season of swimmers. CLICK HERE to find out more about these events.



Watford Swimming Club enters a variety of swimming leagues each year. These are team events where the coaching team will select who they want to swim and will then assign specific events for each swimmer to swim. All leagues are points based and often take place across several rounds. CLICK HERE to find out the leagues that we enter.



Watford Swimming Club is proud of our heritage and our Club Records. All of our swimmers want to get their name on the list! CLICK HERE to find out the most recent list of club records and ways in which you can declare that you have broken a record.