Watford Swimming Club - Member Registration

Welcome to  Watford Swimming Club account management system. 

There is some important information here, so we do ask that you take time to read everything and share, where required, with your swimmer(s). 

During the registration, you will first be asked to set up your Account details (parent). Then, you will be required to add your Member (swimmer) details and complete the on-line registrations & consents.

Before you start, please read these notes first :

  1. Account Details /Log in Email:  This should belong to the parent, or person, who is responsible for paying the charges, who will be accessing the account and checking their emails most frequently.  Please ensure the log-in email address is always kept up-to-date - most communication will be sent to this email address. 
    1. Only the Account Holder will be sent log-in details. It is not possible for both parents to have separate log-ins to the account.  This is to prevent accidental overwriting of data or unauthorised changes being made.  However, it is possible for copies of most emails to be sent to a second person (see below).
  2. E-Mail Addresses:  The log-in email address should always be an adult, as outlined in above. It may be a good idea, however, for a second parent/guardian, and/or a swimmer if aged 16 or over, to receive copies of most emails sent out, for example regarding training changes, or events.   If you wish copies of emails to be sent to additional email addresses then please enter these in the spaces for Alternate Emails.  
    1. Email addresses for swimmers aged over 16 can be entered in one of the account email boxes, and also in their member account ("Athlete Email").  Emails sent to swimmers will be copied to the log-in email address.
  3.  Member (Swimmer): When you have set up the account, you will be invited to add details for MEMBERS (swimmers) and you will be directed to the various consents you need to agree, either for yourself or on behalf of your swimmer. 
  4. Medical Information: Please enter any important information that a coach (or another responsible person) needs to know, such as allergies, medicines and any other information (including learning disablities).  This information must be kept up to date.

Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any queries on [email protected]

Please note: Watford Swimming Club administrators are all volunteers.  We will always try to respond quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, there may be times where we do not get back to you immediately.  If we have not responded within 48 hours please do send us a reminder.  smiley

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