Joining Competitive Squad

Any Swimmer wishing to join the competitive squad at Verulam ASC can apply to do so by emailing the Verulam Membership Secretary (Cathy): [email protected].

In addition, swimmers identified as having the potential to swim for the competitive squad at Verulam may be invited to join the competitive squad by the Senior Coach, Karl Fenwick.

All spaces in the competitive squad are required to have an initial meeting with the Senior Coach and successful completion of a trial

Initial Meeting:

All potential new competitive squad members must first attend a short meeting with the Senior Coach. The purpose of the meeting is to explain the criteria and commitment that is involved in being a squad member as outlined in the squad standards document.

A parent of the new member is also invited to attend the meeting so they have the opportunity to ask any questions and to make sure that everyone is clear about what is expected of squad swimmers. The meeting takes place on the poolside at Westminster Lodge and should take no longer than 15-20 minutes.


All new squad members are invited to join on a 6-week trial basis. At the end of the trial period, the Senior Coach will have a chat with the swimmer to discuss their progress and decide if they are happy and able to continue in the squad.

Squad Standards

Ongoing membership of the competitive squad is dependent upon meeting the squad standards. After completion of the trial, swimmers are still required to meet squad standards and may be moved out of the squad if they are not doing so in accordance with the requirements set out in that document.