Joining is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1) Click on Contact us and submit a note (with your name,your child's: name, date of birth, and swimming experience/skill) with information for our trials-coordinator, who will contact you to arrange a trial.

2) Attend the trial, and the coach will advise you as to whether there is an appropriate group for joining available.

3) After your trial our trials-coordinator will send you the registration form for the group you were advised that you could join via e-mail; YOU CANNOT JOIN UNTIL AFTER A TRIAL AND APPROVAL FROM THE COACH.

Once registered, use the Training Timetable, choose the group you are in from the dropdown menu, and attend your first training session!

VASC offers challenges for all swimmers. Three membership types are available, and which is right for you or your child depends on age and swimming ability.

If our club is full, Westminster Lodge offers Learn-to-Swim lessons for all ages.