Verulam Squad Swimmer Standards


The Verulam Amateur Swimming Club Squad is available for swimmers who wish to swim competitively and represent Verulam ASC at Open meets and in League competitions.

A swimmer’s eligibility to the squad will be communicated by the coaches to the parents and swimmers.

It is necessary to maintain the standard of training for the squad members and to manage this we have several criteria that must be upheld. Any swimmer invited to be part of the Squad should be working towards or maintaining the standards set out below.

All Squad Swimmers:

  • Must be committed to the Verulam ASC Code of Conduct.
  • Are recommended to attend a minimum of 3 squad allocated training sessions per week. A swimmer’s personal circumstances may be taken into consideration and arrangements agreed in consultation with the Lead coach if this is unattainable.
  • Need to be attending regularly and be committed to training. Working with the coaching team they should make every effort to improve their performance and personal best times.
  • Should be self-motivated to achieve the goals set by themselves in consultation with the Lead Coach.
  • Are expected to be committed during training sessions with a positive attitude towards session plans and the coaching team.
  • Need to understand and comply with lane discipline and be respectful to coaches and fellow teammates, setting a good example to others.
  • Should enter a minimum of three Open Meets per season (September – July).
  • Should enter the Club Championships.
  • Should be available for selection for Team and League Galas.
  • All swimmers must sign up to the above as part of their individual swimmer development plan (SDP).
  • Coach’s discretion will be exercised when personal circumstances impact the swimmers’ capacity to adhere to the Squad Swimmer Standards. However, continual failure to meet set standards may lead to a review of the swimmer’s place within the squad.

The Lead Coach will discuss with parents and swimmer the situation and if the swimmer wishes to continue in squad the coach will provide a 6-week improvement plan to enable the required standards to be achieved.

If the swimmer feels they cannot adhere to the standards of the squad then they are of course welcome to continue to train with Verulam as part of the club swimming. As a club we want to instil a lifelong enjoyment of swimming as well as having a strong competitive squad.

And naturally any swimmer who leaves the squad training will be reconsidered for a squad place if they show the required improvements.

VSC Coaching Team have all swimmers’ best interests in mind and will look to place your child in the most appropriate area of the club for them where they can get most enjoyment and improvement out of swimming.