New Swim School Member Handbook

VERULAM Amateur Swimming Club (affiliated to Swim England East Region)

Welcome to Verulam Swimming Club’s Swim School!

Who are we?

Verulam is a swimming club affiliated to Swim England (formerly the ASA), offering learn-to-swim lessons and competitive swimming training. We have a strong team of qualified coaches and teachers led by our head coach, Zofia Kozien. The management and administration of Verulam Swimming Club is carried out by parent volunteers.

When are our swim school lessons?

Half hour lessons run between 4:00pm and 6:00pm at Westminster Lodge training and main pools on Sundays. We aim to run throughout the year except for occasional cancellations and holiday breaks, including a 2-week break during the summer holidays. As swimmers progress, they can move on to the main club and to more advanced classes and eventually on to the main club where there is an opportunity to train for competitive swimming up to 5 times a week.

What will I need for lessons?

  • Swimsuit or trunks (not swim shorts)
  • Swimming hat
  • Goggles

How Much Do Lessons Cost?

There are 3 fees to be paid:

1. Verulam Swimming Fee

£140.00 for 6 months (pro-rated when you first join) and payable in advance in February and August each year.

We allow a 3-week grace period when your child first joins during which you can decide to continue swimming lessons or not. If you decide not to continue, we will refund the Verulam Swimming Fee (i.e. not the joining or Swim England fee). After this 3-week period, please note fees are not refundable for any reason. This fee covers weekly swimming lessons, a swimming cap, and for swimmers who are ready to begin competing, entry to our Club Championships in Autumn each year.

2. Swim England (formerly ASA) Fee

£37.65 for 1 year per swimmer, plus a £5.25 family membership fee. All our swimmers need to be registered with and pay this fee on joining and then each February. Swim England is our governing body and provides among other things our insurance cover. 

3. Joining Fee: We have a one-off £10 joining fee.

Parents are asked to ensure fees are kept up to date, so that swimmers are covered by the club’s insurance.

How do we communicate with parents?

Most of our communication is via email. Emails are backed-up by messages on our Team Feed (via website or the OnDeck app) – so please check these regularly, particularly over holiday periods to check any changes to lesson times.

How to join?

Please fill out the Swim England and Verulam Membership Forms. An invoice will be sent to you and once we have received funds, swimmers can start swimming the following Sunday.

Club Life

Please have a browse through our website. In particular, please read the Club’s Constitution and Rules (under the About tab).

In the meantime, here are some essential points.

  • Please check a teacher is present before dropping off swimmers at the pool.
  • Swimmers should arrive ready to swim 5 minutes before lessons start and register with their teacher.
  • Swimmers should never dive into the pool unless instructed to do so, as this can be dangerous.
  • Swimmers should never run on poolside or other wet areas such as the changing rooms.
  • Pushing other swimmers into the pool is forbidden.
  • Swimmers should listen carefully to their teachers and follow their instructions.
  • Any swimmer who sees another in difficulty should report it immediately to a teacher or lifeguard.

The club’s AGM is held in March. This is when fees are set for the next year. All parents and older swimmers are encouraged to attend to learn more about Verulam Swimming Club.

Finally, if you are interested in helping in the club, please introduce yourself to us.