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2024 Warminster & District ASC Member Registration

Open for Returning Members

01/01/24 - 31/12/24

Open for New Members

01/01/24 - 31/12/24

Welcome to the Warminster & District Membership registrations page for 2024.

If you would like to join the club please ensure you've spoken to the membership secretary ([email protected]) or our head coach.

Once you've been for a trial you'll be able to follow through the next few pages to ensure you've given us all the required information and set up your ongoing membership fee's. The first page is for you as an Parent/Guardian to complete with your details before going on to the next page where you'll add member(s) details and tick the agreements (medical/photo/GDPR etc)

For those members rejoining us, you will find your existing details once signed in and will be able to work through the registration pages and pay for your Swim England/Warminster membership for 2024.  Again you will need to complete the agreements and make sure to speak with your children to ensure they understand the behaviour policies and what is expected of them during the sessions.

When you create a member profile you need to add all the member detail and complete the medical information. You will then need to use the drop down to select "Register to this group" and then ensure the correct Swim England Category has been selected.

Welcome to the club and good luck swimming in 2024.