Worksop Dolphins
Swimming Club


Worksop Dolphins Swimming Club (WDSC) is not part of the "learn to swim programs". Therefore you can only join the Club once you are displaying a basic understanding of two core strokes- front-crawl and backstroke. You must be able to swim widths, without the use of aids.

If you are still needing some kind of help in the pool please take a look at the swim school.
If you are interested in joining you can attend a trial. A Coach will assess you and once you have been assessed they will tell you what squad you will fit into. email [email protected] to book a trial.


There are 5 types of squads:
Swim School:  This is for children to gain confidance in the water through fun.
Acadamy:This is our beginners' squad. Swimmers are of basic level.
C-Squad: This squad is for swimmers usually from 8 years and above or if they have a basic under standing of all 4 stokes.
B-Squad: This squad is usually for 9 years and above or, you must be a swimmer with potential, and be able to show competency and stamina in Front Crawl, Backstroke and Breaststroke. You would be expected to get County times in this group.
A-Squad: This squad is for swimmers that have been swimming competitively for a while, this group will be aiming for Regional and National times.
If joining us as an older swimmer you can still attend the trial session to be assessed then we will aim to place you in a squad that’s suitable and matches your current performing ability.
Swimmers joining from other sources still can attend the trial session or you can email the squad administrator of the squad you think you will fit into to arrange a trial session.
Any other questions you may have can use the contact us page.



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