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Swimmers require the following equipment (based on what squad your in).

These swimming aids – for use in training – help improve strength, stamina and certain areas of their technique.

All swimmers are required to wear a Club swim hat, appropriate swimwear and to have goggles. We advise swimmers to have at least 2 pairs of goggles and to bring both poolside. Swimmers must also bring water on poolside and, if applicable, inhalers.

C Squad kit

Club Cap:

Navy silicone suede swim cap with glossy print. Available to order from membership desk Price £8.00


Your own personal choice Price range £8 - £50

Pull Buoy:

Pull Buoy’s go between the legs to allow swimmers to work on their upper-body technique and strength. Price range £5-£10

Kick Board: 

Kick boards allow swimmers to use only their legs as they swim. Price range £5 – £15

Training Fins:  

These are short fins used to help perfect body position and strengthen leg muscles. Price range £10 – £20


B Squad kit

All of c squad kit plus

Finger Paddles:

Used to perform all swimming strokes and can help work on the top of the stroke, specifically hand entry and catch, which is the action of pulling onto the stroke. Finger paddles are great for technical swimming and are especially useful for technique drills if you wanted to break your stroke down even more. Price range £5 - £15



With the use of a training snorkel, you don't need to turn your head to breath and the one-way valve means no water inhalation, this snorkel promotes a better focus on the stroke. Price range £15 -£25

Skipping Rope:

To use in pre pool or land training. Made for stamina and speed training, great for aerobic and cardio exercise. Price range £3-£10


A Squad Kit

All of B and C squads kit plus

Alignment Float:

A new concept kickboard ideal for streamline, underwater and side kicking drills. The kickboard is designed to maintain optimum body alignment and lengthen body position. The kickboard is made of sturdy foam with stabilizing hand strap. Price range £15-£20

Hand Paddles:

Designed to build upper body strength but increasing the resistance with each pull through the water. This assists with balance in the water whilst also allowing you to spend more time on each specific pull, making sure that you can really working on finishing your stroke, which in turn should lower your stroke count. Price range £5-£15

Stretch cords:

Stretch Cords have been designed to create an additional level of tension or resistance in your warm-up exercises. It can be used for many other sports as well as swimming. Price range £5 - £15

Swimming Parachute:

Swim Parachutes provide increased resistance, during training sessions, helping you to build muscle, increase endurance and increase speed.
This resistance device adds additional drag to all strokes, thereby increasing the intensity of your workout and allowing faster race swimming, when the drag is removed. Price range £8 - £25


5 Star Recommended for all your swimming needs.

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