Worksop Dolphins
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B Squad
Squad Criteria
Attending 70% sessions is essential to improvement, this will have a huge affect on performance, strength, skill & fitness. An attendance register will be taken at the start of every session. Swimmers will improve in technique,  growth and training. This squad requires ability to swim all 4 strokes, good diving and turns. This squad will work towards qualifying county times.
The expected attendance for this squad is 70% per week

B Squad Coach

Bailey Hurt

Assistant Coaches



Ella S

B Squad Time Table from 5th September 2022

Monday Warm up 17:45 Training 18:00 – 19:00 W.Col

Tuesday  No Training

Wednesday  No Training

Thursday No Training

Friday Warm up 18:00 Training 18:15 – 19:45 W.col

Saturday Warm up 08.45 Training 09.00-10.00 W.Col

Sunday On poolside 17:55 Training 18:00 - 19:00 WLC

Squad training fees will cost £65.00 per month
Annual Swim England S ubscription £59.00
Technique is important because you will always be held back from reaching a competitive speed if you have not mastered technique. In B-Squad training will focus on technique as part of the swimming program. Having a sound foundation of technique allows the athlete to build on stamina and intensity that is required later on in a swimmers career without skill levels breaking down.
Training Ethos
Training is extremely important to a swimmers development. The swimmers ability to train well will have a direct impact on their progression. The b-squad level swimmers, must want to train to improve. Sessions will be challenging at such a young age but in order for performance to increase, these sessions must be met to gain the maximum benefit. Our training sessions promote a healthy lifestyle in a social and fun environment, and provide physical relaxation and a welcome break from the demands of everyday life.
At all time the code of conduct should be followed.
Racing techniques will be taught as the swimmer progresses through the swim program, the further through the program the swimmer goes the more advance the training will be to them enable to compete at county or regional level.
Land Training
B-squad land training sessions are by invitation only. Once your coach thinks you are ready for the next level of your swim program you will get an invitation to attend this session.
Sunday Land Training 6:00pm 1 hour at Worksop Leisure Centre
Every swimmers behaviour will be taken into consideration as part of the squads selection process.
So who looks after the administration for the coaches?
Each squad has a squad administrator assigned to it, you can contact your Squad administrator by clicking on the ‘Squad’ section of the website or the link below. The role of the Squad administrator is to ensure communication between coach and parent/carer is accurately done.
Any Questions regarding b-squad contact the b-squad administrator

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