Worksop Dolphins Swimming Club

Head Coach

Giannis Valkoumas


Assistant Head Coach

Bailey Hurt


Master and swim fit time table 

Wednesday On poolside for 7:55pm Training 8:00 - 9:00pm WLC

Sunday On poolside for 7:55pm Training 7:00 - 8:00pm WLC



You are expected attend as often as you can.



Squad training fees will cost £15.00 per month

Annual subscription £20.00


Squad Criteria

This squad is for a special class of competitive swimmer, you can be actively still competing and are now to old to train in the regular club session or you could have been a competitive swimmer who has retired from competitive swimming but still enjoys it and would like to keep on training.



Sets are usually put on the board for you to follow set by the head coach with little interaction from the pool side coach.

So who looks after the administration for the coaches?

Each squad has a squad administrator assigned to it, you can contact your Squad administrator by clicking on the ‘Squad’ section of the website or the link below. The role of the Squad administrator is to ensure communication between coach and parent/carer is accurately done.


Any Questions regarding masters contact the masters administrator

[email protected]

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