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WDSC is 95% run with the support of volunteers, without these people the club would not be able to run all the events it does, because we have such amazing people who volunteer and give up their free time to help our athletes be the best they can be.

How can you Volunteer?
We are always on the look out for volunteers to help out at the club. Some roles are only needed when we hold events like open meets which are a big fund raiser for the club or galas.
To enable these events to take place this is the amount of people we need to make them run successfully. If we can't get the right workforce this could mean that the meet will not be licensed, which means your swimmers times will not count and will not be added to the ASA rankings.
If you think you could help by doing one of the many listed jobs below cor are interested in becoming an official on pool side please contact us  
Computer Operator
Video Recorder
Referee x4 persons
Stroke judge x2 persons 
Finish Judge x2 persons 
Turn Judge x5 persons
Chief Inspector of Turns
Stewarding x4 persons
Chief timekeeper x2 persons
Time Keepers x10 persons
Team Managers x2 persons
Fund Raising
Sweet / Bake Stall
Entrance and Payments
Medals Table
We have a committee who are nominated or re elected each year at the annual general meeting (AGM), held in November. If you need more information on our Committee members and their roles go to the “about us” tab and see the “Meet your Committee“
Worksop Dolphins are very lucky to have some fabulous sponsors, this enables us to pay for some of our coaching staff but some of our coaches are also volunteers, many work full time during the day and then coach on poolside in an evening.
When new courses are available for volunteer roles they will be added as news links - please look for up and coming courses.

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