Worksop Dolphins Swimming Club

Coaching Team

Giannis Head Coach

My name is Ioannis Valkoumas and I have been the Head Coach for Worksop Dolphins since September 2019. 

I was born in Thessaloniki (Greece) and I have been a swimmer for over 15 years. My best stroke was butterfly and I have been Greek National Team member, Greek National Champion, National Record holder in 50m and 100m butterfly, Balkan Champion and Balkan Junior Record holder in 50m butterfly. I have participated in European Championships, Junior Olympic Games, Multination Meetings and Mediterranean Games.  

After the end of my swimming career, I took a bachelor degree from Physical Education and Sports Science Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with specialisation in Swimming and Lifeguarding. Subsequently, I finished my Master’s Degree in Sports Science with focus on Swimming Biomechanics. Right now, I am near to completing my PhD studies which also focus on the Biomechanical Analysis of Swimming.

My swimming coaching experience started at 2002 as a National Team Assistant Coach. All these years many of my swimmers have been National and International Swimming Champions and I feel extremely blessed that I have the opportunity to work with so many talented young athletes. 

My entire coaching philosophy could be characterised by 3 words:

Trust, Hard Work, Mentality

My favourite quote is:

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."



Bailey Assistant Head Coach

I have always had a passion for teaching children to swim, having worked at multiple swimming schools, both teaching and working in management. I enjoy helping children learn this life-essential skill. I decided to make a career change, I initiated this by taking my coaching qualification. This helped me develop a more in-depth knowledge about the sport and because I wanted to view swimming in a competitive way. my love for swimming grew from there. I now enjoy competing in triathlon’s and aim to complete an iron man race in the next few years!







I have been involved with swimming since a very young age and swam competitively for 12 years. I swam for City of Leeds, the County and competed in Regional, National, International competitions and qualified for the UK Commonwealth trials but was unfortunately unable to swim due to illness. 

Swimming gave me so many opportunities to travel and many life skills that have benefited me throughout my life.

My son and daughter now swim for Dolphins and when the opportunity arose for me to complete the level 1 coaching qualification I jumped at the chance because I wanted to be able to put something back into an amazing sport.

I really enjoy coaching and seeing the swimmers develop and progress.



Hi, my name's Amelia and I am one of the Coaches at Worksop Dolphins. I have swam for Worksop Dolphins for around 11 years, and swam competitively for some of this time, reaching the Midlands, now I swim on and off in the Masters Squad. I started Coaching for the Club for my GCSE PE around 4 years ago, I really enjoyed it, so I continued and have been helping out with the Club ever since.






Hi I learnt to swim in the sixties. I progressed to competitions and started competing in the seventies. I first  started coaching in the eighties at Worksop Dolphins when our children were swimming for the club. I'm still there today.








 I've been a swimmer all my life since my nan took me at 6 months old. I've always had a deep passion for the sport and I myself have swam and competed for dolphins since I was 7. Through my years as a swimmer I learned a multitude of different skills and techniques that now I'm privileged enough to pass on to the swimmers of tomorrow.






It was thanks to my son, Harry, that I got involved with Worksop Dolphins.  He went through the stages from Academy to now, A squad, where he continues to swim.  As he progressed, so did my time spent at the pool.  As a result I naively offered to help and do something ‘productive’ with my time.  I started as a timekeeper and then became a qualified judge.  I decided to take a plunge in the deep end in 2019 by learning from scratch the basics of being an Assistant Swim Coach.  Here I have remained.  I am actively involved with the Club – officiating and being on the committee - coaching is just another string to my bow.  I love what I do (more than my paid job) and if I could spend every minute of every day helping children achieve their dreams like what the  Club and Coaches have done for my son, it will be one of the best decisions I will have ever made in my life.





I'm Ellie and I qualified as an assistant coach in 2019. I've always really enjoyed swimming and joined the club when i was 8years old. One of the things I find rewarding about coaching is having another way to share my passion for swimming with others.









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