SwiMark Plus Award


Westhill District ASC has been awarded with the swiMark Plus accreditation by Scottish Swimming in recognition for effectively demonstrating a commitment to creating a sustainable swimming development pathway.  This level will help the club to demonstrate a commitment to the principles of a community club whilst encouraging members to stay within the club structure and ensure swimmers continue to train and compete at their chosen level.

Scottish Swimming recognises the important role clubs can play to increase participation and improve the quality of sporting opportunities for the benefit of the local community. swiMark is Scottish Swimming’s quality aquatic development programme for clubs. The aim of swiMark is to provide a nationally recognised standard that will enable clubs to:

  • Develop safe, effective and child friendly environments, based on good practice
  • Improve swimmers, teachers, coaches and volunteers
  • Encourage lifelong participation through sustainable swimming development pathways

The Scottish Swimming website link below provides more information on the swiMark accreditation scheme.

SwiMark_Leaflet_Screen_010319.pdf (scottishswimming.com)