Joining us


Upon joining the club, we ask you to complete the below online registration form where you will be asked to provide all relevant swimmer details, emergency contacts and consents.

In order that you can be sure of the arrangements made for your swimmer(s) when they join us, we will always provide you with all their relevant membership information.

• Squad or lesson that your swimmer(s) will be placed into initially
• Squad or lesson times
• Fees and payment details


Membership Form


Annual Club & Swim England Membership Fees


Membership Fee

Our annual membership renewal fee is due by the 31st January each year. This applies to all of our exisitng members and must be paid in full.

New members will be asked to pay the full memebrship fee on joining. 


The preferred method for payment is directly into the Club bank account by BACS. Please use the swimmers full name as reference.


Swim England Fees (these are subsidised by the club)


Club Train Membership - £9.30 per annum (£8 region fee, £1.30 county fee) Paid by the club.

Club Compete Membership - £40.15 per annum (£30 national fee, £8 region fee, £2.15 county fee) Subsidised by the club, swimmers are asked to pay £25 towards this.

Club Support Membership - £2.50 per annum (£2.50 region fee) Paid by the club.


Swim England Membership Details Check


Monthly Fees


 The preferred method for payment is directly into the Club bank account by standing order on the 10th of each month. Please use the swimmers full name as reference.

Any standing order must be set up for the fees before the second months fees are due.

Any standing orders not set up by the third month after joining will result in the swimmer being removed from the list of members and not being permitted to swim.

Please make sure you continue to pay the correct amount, especially upon changing squads.

Please note that the club will require you to pay any back-dated amounts owing should you fail to amend your standing order on time.



Non-Payment of Fees


Please note that if fees have not been paid within 3 weeks, your child will not be permitted to swim until all outstanding fees are paid.

The club is a non-profit making organisation so prompt payment of fees is essential to keep the club afloat.

Collecting fees can be difficult and time-consuming so please help by paying these amounts as soon as you receive a request to do so.

Remember that the person asking you is going to be an unpaid volunteer, giving up their own time for the benefit of the club.

If you have a query please contact the club secretary or email [email protected].